Former Coinbase CTO is now onboard DeFi startup Findora

Balaji Srinivasan, who served as CTO at one of the U.S. leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has joined decentralized finance or DeFi startup Findora.

The startup has already recruited big names to its advisors’ list and is aiming to add some more.

Claiming to be self-professed, Findora is a “cryptographically transparent public blockchain” firm, that offers financial services at cheaper costs to a plentitude of businesses while developing decentralized financial applications side by side.

Charles Lu, CEO of Findora welcomed Balaji Srinivasan at Findora with the hopes that they will work together for establishing one-of-a-kind global monetary system providing its users with complete control over their assets, identities and financial data. Extending his praise to the new additions he said that these distinguished industry experts possess unparalleled knowledge in their respective fields of digital infrastructure, cryptography, fintech, blockchain and beyond.

What is DeFi startup Findora?

Launched back in July of 2018 with Blockchain Labs at Standford, Findora is striving to provide all kinds of banking services. These services would be supported by Blockchain while ensuring all transactions to be auditable and visible publically.

For keeping data secure, Findora makes use of tools like identity attestation, compliance proofs, and facial recognition for getting the financial transference validity ensured.

Before joining hands with Findora, Balaji Srinivasan was working as a partner with Andreessen Horowitz – an investment firm.

Also, in the past, he has served as a co-founder with quite a few financial platforms like, Teleport, and Counsyl. He also served on the board of the Coin Center – a crypto advocacy group.