Does the Crypto Space Really Need More Women? A Realistic Take


Underrepresentation of women on all fronts has been discussed and debated since ages, and the narrative is similar when it comes to the attitude towards women in the crypto community.

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A recent tweet by ‘’Cryptomunity’ caught my eye. The tweet took a sarcastic dig at women and said that women didn’t bother to study IT/ programming in school, as it was reserved for the so-called nerds. Further, when it comes to reaping a fortune with crypto, women complain that ‘’Where are the women in crypto?’’. Lastly, the tweet concurred that the onus solely rests on women and the fact doesn’t require any extra attention.

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Well, with that being said, it led to a series of tweets discussing his said claim. A twitter user named ‘’Marcus Brinkman’’ recalled the case of Nadia Heninger, for her research and outreach contributions. The research was funded by the Computing Research Association (CRA-W).  Undoubtedly, underrepresentation of women in the cryptosphere is a valid concern. But, do women need to visit a women’s conference to hear about their underrepresentation? Perhaps not.

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With a solid comeback, a woman with a twitter handle ‘’Crypto Claire’’ interestingly explained her journey. Emerging from the joys and tough schedules of motherhood,  she has indeed made a giant leap. She is all set to be a speaker at the upcoming  Cryptofest in Capetown. Now, that’s what I call a great comeback!


As I read further, a happy and hearty tweet lifted my mood. It was a warm invitation for women to attend a ‘’Women and Crypto’’ Social Meet up. The Meet up is all set to discuss money mindset, wealth creation, and cryptocurrencies.


With that being said, it is enough to surmise that if women want to take that leap, nevertheless they will. And, I guess I have someone who agrees with me.

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Research to the Rescue

Another research from Nobl found that almost 25 million Americans plan to buy cryptos in the next 12 months. Interestingly, the American crypto market has risen over 48% in the past 12 months and women make up for 35% of the investors.

Not only is this a rising number of traders, but more crypto marketers and journalists are also women.

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