Cybersecurity companies claim Chinese government hackers target crypto companies

According to FireEye, a global cybersecurity company, Chinese state hackers have been targeting various companies including crypto-focused ones for more than three years.

The report from FireEye has first published on August 2nd and details all the malware that the hackers used, where they used them and how they used them.

The report speaks about the Chinese state espionage cyber unit called the APT41. Per the report, this cyber unit conducts malicious attacks on foreign companies in conjunction with the Chinese 5-year development plans, however, also focuses on gathering information for future events such as political events and company changes.

What are the Chinese hackers targeting?

Per the report, the APT41 cyber unit has been sited trying to break into various industries including gaming, pharmaceuticals, retail and etc.

The countries affected by the malicious attacks are as follows: South Korea, Japan, United States, South Africa, Turkey, Singapore, the Netherlands, Myanmar the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Crypto companies affected

The first instance where the APT41 malicious attacks were sited on a blockchain-based platform was when they targeted a blockchain gaming startup. The malware used is called the XMRig, which installs a Monero mining malware on different databases.

However, FireEye also states that some of these attacks may not have been commissioned by the Chinese states, but some do indeed carry a resemblance to Chinese foreign policy.