Country of Georgia gets its first crypto exchange

The country of Georgia has recently received the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange in the region. A blockchain analytics firm by the name of Birtvi was the entity that founded the exchange and named it Coinetic.

Georgians already had several avenues of purchasing cryptocurrencies from a local provider, but it was never anything about trading. It was just selling and buying the major altcoin and BTC.

Coinetic had been in the making for nearly a year, as the founders were starting to see that the local population’s interest towards cryptos was increasing, and the local government’s relationship with the technology was getting better and better.

Coinetic is already launched and is starting to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency trading and blockchain in general to the local population. Founders have mentioned that implementing knowledge is also one of the priorities of Coinetic.

Seeing how Georgia is one of the largest crypto mining countries in the world, despite its relatively small size, it’s quite easy to understand why Birtvi decided to venture into this industry.

It’s only a matter of time before Georgians start mass-investing into cryptocurrencies based on the level of knowledge that is already spreading.

In general, as well, many experts are saying that developing countries are the ones that truly appreciate the value of cryptocurrencies, while developed nations regulate it, in fear of the technology taking over archaic practices that are just too hard to let go.