Coinbase Releases Open-Source Software for Dapp Integration with Crypto Wallets

Decentralized Applications or Dapps have only been available on web3 browsers for desktop users until now. Nevertheless, Coinbase has introduced an open-source Dapps extension compatible with any browser. Coinbase is one of the most trusted platforms for crypto exchange and custody.

It works like a web application for the mobile wallet app, similar to WhatsApp Web. The press release noted

WalletLink acts as a secure bridge between your Coinbase Wallet app and your desktop browser. To get started, all you have to do is scan a WalletLink QR code with your Wallet app.

Currently, Opera and Brave are the two leading Web3 browsers. The users of decentralized exchanges or other applications will now be able to use them through Safari and Chrome just as easily.

coinbase walletlink
Payment Confirmation for users on Coinbase App

Moreover, a link with the wallet and the Dapps would enable hasslefree payments and confirmations as well. This new feature introduced by Coinbase will promote blockchain and crypto-adoption.

According to the press release, WalletLink has been tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera browsers.

Open-Source Code for Crypto On-Ramp

The press release noted that it would not take more than 5 minutes for developers to integrate the Dapps with Coinbase Wallet. Currently, the wallet supports only ERC-20 tokens for now. However, the press release also noted,

We plan to roll out support for native mobile apps and more currencies in the future.

Popular decentralized applications like Compound, dY/dX, iDAX and so on have already extended support for Walletlink addition.

Furthermore, Coinbase has made the WalletLink open-source which provides an opportunity for inclusion of numerous Dapps. The WalletLink can also be integrated with other crypto wallets as well. Hence, Coinbase Wallets is just the beginning, we could see integrations with many other popular wallets in the future.

Do you think that the future will be based on a tokenized economy? Please share your views with us. 

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