Closed bank account for Brazil-based crypto firm deemed unlawful by court


Brazil crypto firm account shut down lawsuit

A Brazilian cryptocurrency firm by the name of M Intermediação e Prestação de Serviço Ltda. has had its Banco Bradesco account shut down since 2018 due to alleged suspicious activity and the prevention of fraud.

However, M Intermediação has now won a lawsuit against Branco Bradesco, who it sued for unlawfully closing down a bank account which contained a large majority of the company’s’ customer funds.

M Intermediação mentioned that despite being a crypto company they had a fiat currency account with Bradesco in order to allow their customers to pay not only with cryptocurrencies but with Brazilian real as well.

The judge responsible for the hearing deemed that there was a severe lack of evidence from Bradesco’s side about M Intermediação conducting suspicious activity on the account or any cases of potential fraud. The account has hence been restored, but it’s unlikely that M Intermediação will keep it after such a debacle.

This is unfortunately not the first case from Brazil where a crypto company’s account was closed down. A similar case was recorded last year when Santander did the same to a local crypto exchange.