Bitcoin hacker gets nearly 2 years in jail

A 19-year old British hacker has been detained by local police for advertising online about his services in exchange for Bitcoin.

Elliot Gunton was found guilty by the Norwich Crown Court for exploiting his illegally acquired personal data of several businesses and individuals.

Gunton was selling this information to both scammers and criminals in order to tap into the mobile numbers, listen on calls and sometimes even intercept them or jump right in.

Besides selling this personal information for thousands of British Pounds, Gunton was also found guilty for offering hacking services in exchange for Bitcoin.

Naturally, the 19-year-old went through at least some efforts to hide his activities, but his Tweet on having money and not knowing anyone else know about it was what got the attention of the Police department in the first place.

Gunton was sentenced to 20 months in UK jail and forced to forfeit more than 400,000 British Pounds in Bitcoin.

Right after the jail time, Gunton will have to go through 15 months of Community Behaviour Order, which will restrict his access to the internet and block multiple websites that could facilitate a “relapse to the criminal life”.

Needless to say, the police were very quick to react to the reports and have since deleted all of the ill-gotten personal information.