Another Dark Web crypto millionaire drug dealer to face prison


A man named Sky Justin Gornik from San Diego California has been arrested in his house with charges of selling illegal substances via Dark Web platforms. Gornik has already pleaded guilty for his crimes and mentioned that he was taking orders on various websites and selling drugs in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

The illegal substances included fentanyl, carfentanyl, ketamine and oxycodone, nearly all of them potent synthetic opioids, strictly outlawed by the US Federal law.

However, Gorkin was not the only suspect that was arrested, his “supplier”, a man named Steven Wallace George from Oklahoma was also arrested after police raided his house to find a lab where George was producing the illegal substances from pure fentanyl imported from China.

Gornik was sentenced to 70 months in state prison and charged with returning millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency he was using as payment to George. According to Gornik, all of the cryptocurrencies he possesses were in direct correlation with his drug-dealing “business” and he kept them on Bittrex and Poloniex.

It’s not clear how Gorkin was identified, but the report does mention the involvement of special agents of the Homeland Security Investigations. It’s likely that the police placed an order from Gornik, and traced him via messages and crypto transactions.