“Altcoins Still Have A Long Road To Travel” says Famous Crypto Analyst


The crypto sphere has always been an interesting arena for discussions and several opinions and analysis make it even more of an interesting affair.

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Recently, a famous crypto trader, analyst, and Bitcoin investor, Willy Woo has come up with an interesting case. He claims that, although Bitcoin’s technology is old, no other crypto asset has the potential to come close to the Lindy Effect that Bitcoin has established. As per the Lindy effect, the mortality rate decreases with time. Interestingly, with Bitcoin hogging all the limelight it recently proved CNBC’s Brian Kelly Bearish stance to be false and reclaimed its support above $10,000

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He further asserted that when it comes to an investor’s point of view, the key deciding factor is –utility. In order, to establish the Lindy Effect, greater liquidity and longevity is needed. More importantly, Bitcoin will continue to assert dominance owing to its pre-established market value.

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In a sardonic laugh, he mocked altcoins and said that altcoins owe their presence to people staking their assets in them. Furthermore, they lack utility valuation.

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His tweets garnered some interesting responses from the crypto community, one of them even compared altcoins to comets. He laid special emphasis on Lindy effect and said it’s all just a matter of achieving the Lindy effect and only a few coins have achieved it.

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Woo then traced back to the 2017 shitcoin boom and mentioned how altcoins lost 90-99% of their satoshi value.

Altcoins and the Cryptosphere

With all this being said, altcoins have indeed had a tough time surviving the crypto winters and reclaiming their space. Notwithstanding Bitcoin’s valuation, altcoins do have their fair share of achievements, be it related to their blockchains or price trends.

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