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5 Richest Bitcoin Owners Helping Shape Bitcoin And Its Future


Like any form of investment, patience and strategy is the key to success, especially with the highly volatile nature of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, for those that have steadfast with their decisions, some have seen their efforts and investments increase over the years. Here are some of today’s most successful early adopters and proponents of the cryptocurrency space including Tom Draper, Satoshi, Winklevoss twins and even one Government!

Winklevoss twins
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  1. Satoshi Nakamoto

Author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, Nakamoto owns an estimated amount of around 600,000 to one million BTC.

Approximately $19 billion USD, the last bull run easily placed Nakamoto as one of the wealthiest people alive. However, no matter how much the famed Satoshi Nakamoto has, might be too far from trading his coins in. Like any smart investor, he knows that this could cause unfavorable consequences – the likes of adverse signal effects and critical price falls.

Rumored to be the founder of Bitcoin himself, the identify behind the legend is yet to be identified. While his true identity is yet to be revealed, he is often associated with Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto a man residing in California with the birth name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

  1. James Richman

Similar to Nakamoto, the Latvian-born billionaire investor prefers to keep a low profile. He has reportedly doubled down on his investments in cryptocurrencies after seeing a surge in interest from his ultra high net worth individual clients.

While the total number of Bitcoin in his private fund owns is unknown, he has reportedly sold a few of his property portfolio for Bitcoin and has continued to invest in projects that aim to disrupt the fintech and Blockchain industry.

  1. Winklevoss Twins

After being awarded by $65 million USD by a court for their story on having built the social media platform ConnectU, the Winklevoss twins invested their money on Bitcoin. Seeing how much potential Bitcoin had, brothers Cameron and Tyler dedicated their time and effort to growing their Bitcoin investment.

The twins have an undeniable knack for innovation. Having earned their Harvard degree in 2014, the twin brothers worked on the social media platform that inspired Mark Zuckerberg himself. Today, the Winklevoss twins are focused in their newest venture which is helping advance the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

  1. Tim Draper

An American venture capital investor, Timothy Cook Draper has earned the third spot in our list of most successful Bitcoin billionaires by earning an estimate of $250,000 per unit of virtual gold forecasted by the end of 2022. He founded the Draper Associates, an early stage venture capital institutions, and the Draper University, a business school in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Tim Draper has been involved in buying tens of thousands of Bitcoin currency for the US government in 2014, the said procurement happened on an auction held by the US Marshals Service from seized Silk Road bitcoins. Draper has an estimated Bitcoin asset of 30,000 BTC.

  1. Gavin Andresen

Andresen is a software developer, though he may not be the actual inventor of Bitcoin, Gavin has shaped it like no other man has. Andresen was hired as “chief scientist” by the Bitcoin Foundation for his ingenuity and dedication to the improvement of the system.

The amount of Bitcoin Andresen owns is unknown, but one can speculate that he holds plenty enough to be fully vested in the advancement of the technology.

  1. Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government has been involved in Bitcoin investment and trading for several years now. The Bulgarian law enforcement seized a sizeable amount of cryptocurrency in May of 2017 and has since then been sitting in a virtual goldmine ever since.

More than 213,000 BTC is now under state ownership and gave the country more than enough digital currency to repay a quarter of their national debt in a single transaction. Thanks to good old diligence and police work, Bulgaria has not only stopped organized crime but also earned the 5th spot on our list.

Final thoughts

Bitcoin investment requires time and patience as all things that grow. With faith in the system and a bit of luck, the Winklevoss twins, Satoshi and these other richest bitcoin owners had the perfect recipe for success.

With enough time and proper investment strategies, anyone can reap the benefits of cryptocurrency. As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold.

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