Twitter’s Square Crypto is on Limelight Again as Facebook’s Libra Getting Mainstream Attention


In a much-debated Libra topic, the competitive social media giant Twitter is on the hype with its crypto-based project, called, SquareCrypto.

Of course, Facebook with its upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra is experiencing the rising concerns from global regulators – but at the center of every talk. it enhance its awareness of Facebook’s crypto among the people across the world. Besides, the key motive behind Libra that speaks “financing the unbanked and underbanked” has become one of the major interesting areas that attract a major audience to it.

On the other hand, the competitive social giant, Twitter is promoting its crypto-based project to the fullest potential. In fact, in its latest post, updated on July 15, Square Crypto begins its blog adding “Why just design a single company’s product when you can help design the future of money?”. Also, Square crypto shared a tweet that reads; “we go mainstream when bitcoin stops being a community and starts being a necessity”. The complete tweet goes as follows;


Besides, SquareCrypto’s tweet received quick attention from the community, including Bitcoin Magazine and Blockstream’s CSO Samson Mow who in return responded by saying; There is no community, just users. Further by referring to Share of Voice and Gold, Samson Mow writes;

And as an SoV it won’t go mainstream, just like how gold is not mainstream. Layer 2 tech innovation is what will take Bitcoin mainstream.

Former Google Director Joined SquareCrypto

Nevertheless the vision behind SquareCrypto, by a payment firm, Square is quite clear – a platform dedicated to building a small team to help with bitcoin and crypto development. According to the latest report, Jack Dorsey who is the CEO of Twitter confirmed that they had recently hired former Google director Steve Lee to spearhead the team SquareCrypto after the constant review of tens of candidates for the post.

The giant further is in the process to hire up to three to four talents for “open source contributions to the Bitcoin and crypto ecosystem”, wherein the position is scheduled for fulltime, either remote or in Square’s SanFrancisco campus.

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