TOR group creates Bitcoin Donation fund in its Fight Against Internet Surveillance


Tor Project has reportedly announced for fundraising of Bitcoin in order to fight against internet surveillance. About ten thousand dollars are expected to be raised by the group in a period of two weeks.

The Tor Project has played a vital role during whistleblower Edward Snowden’s advances and in the Arab Spring of 2010. Several tools have been developed by the group to enable browsing by internet users in secrecy. Tor Browser is, in fact, its most famous project; the browser could access the dark web.

According to the website, people can make their donation for this cause by two methods, either by sending the Bitcoin to Tor Project through BTCPay or they can send their donations through onion by using this link which can only be accessed via Tor Browser. Moreover, the details of the donated funds will likely be stored on a Tor Ledger Nano S wallet directly.

At press time, only five hundred and forty dollars in BTC of the targeted ten thousand dollars have been so far raised. This contribution has been made by over thirty people, and most of them donated five dollars and twenty dollars with an exception of one, who donated a hundred dollars.

Tor Project is a non-profit group that mostly relies on donations from its consumers and those who advocate for online freedom. In addition, it runs a donation pot permanently to support it for developing tools that enable people to browse without fearing for being under surveillance.