These Crypto Leaders Attends Buffett Lunch without Justin Sun


This year’s Warren Buffett’s charity lunch seems just a strange with Tron’s Justin Sun winning an opportunity to dine with the Bitcoin skeptic.

Warren Buffett is into Bizarre Affair

While everything was scheduled perfectly on July 25, 2019, Sun announced to postpone the lunch to July 26 and yet there are no proceeding updates on the same. Who would’ve predicted Oracle Ohama’s yearly lunch this time would come with the news of kidney stone, money laundering investigation and apologizing statements on over-promotion of charity lunch?

However, few prominent crypto leaders didn’t give up on postponement – they finally debuted July 25th as Buffett power lunch.

Just to note, Sun invited Jeremy Allaire from Circle, Helen Hai from Binance Charity Fund (BCF), Yoni Assia from eToro, Chris Lee from Huobi Global and more to be announced yet.

While lunch seems just postponed for the public, eToro’s Yoni Assia and Gabor Gurbacs, Director, Digital Assets Strategy at VanEck shared their pictures on social media on the same day when Sun with Yoni Assia and other leaders supposed to be at lunch with Warren Buffett.

Yoni Assia quickly cracked a joke saying “eToro and VanEck” to release partnership announcement soon. For the crypto community, it seems quite a serious announcement and crypto twitter expressed their excitement to understand more about the partnership in detail.

Later on the same day, VanEck’s Gabor Gurbacs also posted the same picture and sarcastically wrote “BetterThanLunch”. Further, Gabor makes a fun saying, Yoni Assia holds talks with him and VanEck CEO, Jan van Eck, continuing…Warren Buffett and Justin sun missing. While the start of tweet seems quite true, he quickly added “Kidding just friends hanging out”. Gabor doesn’t seem to be a Tron fan and as such many of his tweet related to Tron comes as a fun part.

When is Buffett Lunch Then?

Besides this, Sun caught with criticizing comments on Twitter after a few Youtubers shared their pictures captured with Justin Sun on the same day and same place Buffett Charity Lunch was scheduled. As per the report, on July 25, Sun walked right into the Tron influencer party wherein more than 10 YouTubers gathered to celebrate the 1st anniversary of BitTorrent acquisition at Michelin-starred Quince.
As far as Buffett’s charity lunch is concerned, one Youtuber, BitBoy says that Sun didn’t open up to the Buffett lunch and expressed his view after meeting Sun and Tron’s spokesperson. He said;

I suspect it has something to do with China. Maybe the timing wasn’t right,” BitBoy opined. “Maybe Buffett’s not comfortable with what’s happening and they’re waiting for it to pass. But it’s also possible that at this point the lunch may never happen.”

Moreover, it is also said that Buffett’s lunch isn’t being rescheduled to August and this could be months after that.

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