The crypto winter: is it really over or just retracing?

After recovering from the crypto winter, and the lows of December, almost every cryptocurrency had managed to raise is price at a much higher level through incredibly steep bullish gradients.

However, the bulls were not permanent as many cryptocurrencies soon saw a correction in their token price. This correction caused many cryptocurrencies’ price to fall significantly. Currently, these prices are showing no signs of rising again.

Regardless of these events crypto analyst Mati Greenspan still believes that the cryptocurrency winter is over and according to him it is the spring of crypto market.

Mati was asked by a fellow twitter user as to whether the crypto winter was over and will the prices begin rising soon. Mati replied that the crypto winter was over and it was springtime now. Crypto spring is a time when cryptocurrency prices spike across the markets.

This is true for many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, the price of which more than doubled even after dropping to around ten thousand dollars price ($10k) level. This has helped Bitcoin’s market cap ($180 billion) is higher than it was at the start of the year ($67 billion).

Recent events were not bullish in the slightest as Bitcoin price fell from above thirteen thousand eight hundred dollars ($13,800). At that time the crypto’s market was the highest for the year at two hundred and thirty-two billion dollars ($232).

Although the prices of cryptocurrencies may be falling once again these bears are only temporary and will be extremely short. The conditions now can only be titled as a “false-winter”.

Although this may also mean that the cryptocurrencies will surge extremely higher and probably the price of these cryptos will never again be as low as it is now. This would mean that now is the best and the last time for buyers to enter the markets for top cryptocurrencies.