Monroe University in NYC hit by hackers demanding 170 BTC payment


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A university in New York City has been hit by hackers with ransomware on its database servers, ultimately rendering the university’s systems completely useless unless they pay 170 Bitcoins, around $2 million with the current market price.

The IT team is hard at work to combat the issue and somehow get the database back online as well as the University’s website. However, Monroe university managed to spread the information through their Facebook page and mentioned that students would continue their studies without any interference.

A representative mentioned that the university has years of experience and therefore can easily handle the issue of being deprived of modern technology.

The only issue right now is getting the servers back up and somehow rating the student attendance on online courses.

Fortunately for the professors and general staff, the payroll network remains untouched as it’s being handled by a separate company with a separate database.

Many Monroes students were actually very happy about the hack saying that their due papers are now deprived of deadlines and they can even get away with not submitting them at all.

Although, this nuisance is going to continue for only a little while as the IT teams get a grip on the servers.

Many are saying whether or not it will be ethical enough to simply pay the ransom and be over and done with it. It seems that Monroe university trusts its IT team and will not pay it at the moment.