Max Keiser deems Bitcoin the perfect reply to ‘fake money the US dollar’


Max Keiser of the Russian media house RT believes that Bitcoin is the best existing solution to stop market manipulation of the precious metal market.

Commenting on a CNBC Futures Now tweet that poses the question; is bitcoin the ultimate safe haven trade? Keiser explains that the idea was first presented on his show and Bitcoin is indeed a safe haven especially for institutional investors.

He furthers that, Bitcoin is a better safe haven than gold which is open source money. He explains that

“Bitcoin is to fiat what Linux is to Unix.”

Keiser stated that the same people are behind market manipulation who are printing dollars, “fake money”. Of course, they would not want gold prices to rise up and attract investors against the US dollar.

He said that manipulation has been documented over the years and there is a criminal conspiracy is there and even regulators and government officials are part of suck rackets.

Keiser further believes that the only path that can take the world forward would be through the king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Stacy Hubert, on the other hand, explained that explains that the manipulation was carried out through fraudulent orders that would only be canceled later before the order was completed. This would cause ripples in the supply and demand figures allowing the traders to use the information to their gains.