Justin Sun apologizes for promoting Buffet lunch too much


Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON foundation has issued a public apology for “overmarketing” his anticipated lunch with the billionaire Warren Buffet.

The apology was posted on his social media account on Weibo in Chinese, where he mentioned agonizing a certain regulator too much. The regulator wasn’t specified, but seeing how it was written in Chinese exclusively, it could indicate towards the CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission).

Sun apologized for making such a big deal out of his anticipated lunch with Warren Buffet, saying that his admiration for the man was the sole reason for so many posts online.

Justin Sun apology after controversy

This Justin Sun apology comes right after there was major controversy about him not being able to leave China because of some financial issues with the local regulator.

Sun responded multiple times saying that the TRON foundation complied with every and all ICO laws in the country and added that the headquarters was located in Singapore and not mainland China.

The controversy was then spun out of control as the allegation came right after the anticipated lunch was canceled due to Sun’s health issues regarding kidney stones.

As of right now, most of the community doesn’t seem to understand what prompted this apology in the first place. Some are saying that he was pressured into it, while others mention Sun’s sincerity in the apology.

Regardless though, this apology seems to have affected the TRX price as well as it’s down 1% compared to other altcoins being in the green.