Investors get scammed, demand answers from TRON CEO Justin Sun


Over the course of the last six months, several investors in Russia have been investing with a cryptocurrency company by the name of Wave Field Super Community.

The important detail about the whole issue is that Wave Field is how TRON is referred to in Russia, meaning that the scammers deliberately duped the investors into thinking that there was some kind of connection between the two.

Naturally, there was absolutely none.

The investors are reported to have lost around $30 million in total with the company, and according to a Chinese news outlet, one woman has committed suicide.

The victims are now blaming the TRON CEO for not taking the issue seriously and for allowing this to happen. Many are even saying that the scheme even boosted the popularity of TRON for a little while as it was getting much more traction.

Justin Sun has not commented on the issue at all and seems to not be interested in the whole thing. The investors are claiming though, that they’ve contacted the CEO numerous times asking if he knew anything about the company and received no response.

This is a terrible PR issue for TRON which needs to be addressed as soon as possible, but there’s a danger that they will react as most large brands react to scandals like these. By ignoring it completely before it dies down.