Influence Of Blockchain In The Mobile App Development

Blockchain is looking to be one of the most widely used technologies of the coming age. The reason blockchain is the way of the future is because it is simple. It can take highly complex and encrypted data and integrate it into a secure mesh for safer online transactions.

These days, blockchain advancements are being welcomed by mobile app development services. This means new robust mobile app solutions are popping up for global business. Industry giants like Microsoft and Facebook have even integrated Blockchain technology into their businesses. However, it is not just large companies that are using this new technology. Even small businesses can take advantage of these advancements. Below are some simple steps any business can take to implement Blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain might sound complicated, but once you break it down into its parts it becomes easier to understand. Blockchain is a new innovation that allows for secure and chronological recordkeeping. Records are blocks and they are linked together via a cryptographic hash. The hash is made of uniquely identifiable numbers and letters. Data stored this way also includes relevant data and timestamps.


The primary benefit of Blockchain technology is that it makes apps safer. Blockchain can utilize the most advanced cryptography. It is designed in a way that it can provide the highest level of security through powerful encryption. The reason blockchain is so safe is because the information is relatively permanent and unalterable; the data essentially cannot be changed. That is due to the structure of blockchain. The newest block of data also contains the previous block’s hash and that is what makes the data essentially unchangeable. Each previous hash of data from every block would need to be changed in order to be fully compromised.

Furthermore, many companies outsource their cloud storage needs to third-parties, which widens the circle of people with access to the data. Most people are worried about cloud breaches because of how many people it takes to maintain cloud storage. Blockchain by design is more secure than cloud storage.


Aside from boosting security, Blockchain technology can greatly enhance the reliability of a mobile app. The nature of Blockchain makes the entire system more resilient to crashes or collapses. Furthermore, the chain is more reliable because there are many blocks housing the data in more than one place.

Blockchain servers “have the distributed nature that prevents any attempt of unauthorized data alteration,” according to B2C. Because there are multiple data centers at numerous locations, the smallest modification is instantly visible to the whole system. All of these features make Blockchain highly reliable.


When technology is overly complex, it takes more time, effort, and money to work with. A noteworthy feature of Blockchain is its simplicity. Blockchain has the upper hand over other concepts that function in a similar way. The simplicity makes Blockchain easy to develop and cost-effective for mobile app developers.

Blockchain is fast, you can look up and verify data in milliseconds. This is because blockchain is decentralized. Companies can add or verify their transactions with no governing body ensuring everything is ok. This means that many middlemen are cut out. With blockchain, the transaction is just between you and the other person, there are no intermediaries.

How to Implement Blockchain

There are 3 main steps to implementing Blockchain. eLearning Industry has a more detailed layout of the steps, but here is the general gist.

  1. Choose a particular consensus method that suits your app best.
  2. Choose a configuration for the design architecture. You can host your blockchain with a cloud-based, hybrid, or in-house model. You should choose design architecture based on the mobile OS platform you are developing an app for.
  3. Develop the app UI and admin panel of the blockchain app. You can do this by using a front-end programming language, an external database, and designated app servers.

Blockchain truly is the way of the future. The technology makes mobile apps safer, more reliable, and simpler. It is certainly expected that many of Blockchain’s applications and innovations will be unveiled in the coming years. Hopefully, this guide has opened your eyes to the possibilities of Blockchain for mobile app development.