Crypto finance App approved for Swiss regulatory license

FINA swiss regulator crypto license

Switzerland has yet again proven its friendly disposition towards cryptocurrencies as it issued yet another license to a crypto-related company.

This time the lucky firm was a Crypto finance App called Aximetria, which will hence be allowed to act as an intermediary in the blockchain industry for Swiss investors as well as all approved jurisdictions.

Naturally, the Aximetria team is elated. The CEO himself, Alexey Ermakov has said that the license represents a crucial resource for any upcoming crypto company and will be an amazing benefit to the customers and investors of Aximetria as a whole.

Naturally, the license is absolutely essential for a crypto company, especially after the scam-riddled mess that was 2018 and continues to spill over to 2019.

The license provides the ever so important trustworthiness to the platform, allowing potential customers to use it with ease of mind, knowing that they won’t be defrauded of their personal information as well as any funds they use.

It seems like Switzerland is not planning to stop its blockchain adoption efforts anytime soon, potentially aiming towards becoming one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions in Europe, alongside Gibraltar and Malta.