Crypto cold wallet launched by State printing house in Austria

cold crypto wallet Austria

Chainlock, which will soon be hitting the crypto market was announced today by a subsidiary of the Austrian state printing house called YOUNIQX Identity.

YOUNIQX has mentioned that the cold wallet is primarily targeting large crypto investors both on retail and institutional level and that the technology used has been tested and approved by their experts.

According to those very same YOUNIQX experts, none of the trade participants, not even the service providers themselves can identify the two key pairs unless the smart contract has been completed, which adds much more transparency and security to the system.

The wallet is designed to store dozens of cryptocurrencies including the showrunner Bitcoin, as well as several security tokens purchased by the owner through STOs.

There was a little bit of criticism towards YOUNIQX for being a subsidiary of a state-owned company and arguing about decentralization, but the company managed to quickly disperse all of it through the showcase of the patented technology used for the wallet.