Court approves crypto scam lawsuit against AT&T in sim hack case

A Federal court in Los Angeles has approved a two hundred and twenty-four million dollars ($224M) lawsuit against AT&T Mobility, the telco giant in the United States despite a request for dismissal.

The said lawsuit is filed by the crypto sphere celebrity, investor and trader Michael Terpin. Terpin lost over twenty-four million dollars ($24M) in the hack that was enabled through a SIM card hack.

Michael Terpin, famous for his angel investments in different cryptocurrency projects is also known as the “Godfather of Crypto” has already been compensated with a hefty sum of seventy-five million dollars ($75M) in damages through a California court order. He won the case against the hacker Nicolas Truglia and his accomplices.

Terpin has now dragged the mobile service provider AT&T into the court with the stance that poor AT&T security lead to the SIM hack that allowed the over twenty-four million ($24M) hacks to take place.

Terpin furthers that, AT&T was also found negligent in his case since an AT&T employee allowed impersonators access to sensitive information that should not have been provided without security information and passcodes.

This is not the end of the story though, Terpin further accuses AT&T of “oppressive” and “one-sided” contract drafts that allow illegality to prevail by providing protection to the company.

Federal Judge Otis Wright II approved the crypto scam lawsuit against AT&T for hearing. He commented that the last accusation, i.e., illegal contract provisions leading to the unenforceable customer agreement makes it appear that “the central purpose of the agreement is tainted with illegality.”

AT&T was of the view that the lawsuit has no merit bu the consumer court decided to approve the case.