Bitcoin price falls down to $9325 in a flash crash as predicted


Bitcoin price fell down to nine thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars ($9325) after a flash crash that was predicted earlier today by the team.

The seven hundred dollars ($700) that were sapped out of the Bitcoin’s lot in a mere ten (10) minutes have caused quite a ruckus.

This has caused Bitcoin (BTC) to astray far away from the ten thousand dollars ($10,000) mark all the way down to nine thousand four hundred dollars ($9,400). Before the price cut, bitcoin (BTC) was stationed at ten thousand one hundred dollars ($10,000).

Bitcoin price chart by Trading View

With almost all the crypto coins in distress as of today’s volatility crisis. It has been quite difficult for the analysts to point out potential reasons for such a case that has occurred. The altcoins haven’t been doing good- suffering losses between the two percent (2%) and the six percent (6%) on a daily basis.

Bitcoin holds about sixty-four percent market share (64.4%) summing up to one hundred and sixty-eight billion dollars ($168B)- which is the market cap while the overall market capitalization value is two hundred and sixty-one billion dollars ($261B).

At the time of publishing the king of cryptocurrency is trading at nine thousand four hundred and eight dollars ($9408). Support is found at nine thousand three hundred and eighty-four dollars ($9384) and then the lower support point lies at nine thousand two hundred and eighty-four dollars ($9284) respectively.

If the Bitcoin price doesn’t break the bearish trend it is likely that the BTC price may fall further down to the eight thousand dollars ($8000) range.