BAT price analysis 26 July 2019; BAT on the rise after Brave Browser update

BAT price analysis 26 July

The Basic Attention Token has been trading according to the recent market trends just like most other altcoins. The constant overlapping of the resistance and support levels was always anticipated, which caused BAT price analysis pieces to be quite similar.

But now, ever since a new update hit the Brave Browser, that allows BAT users to cash out their ad revenue the price of the coin started a bullish surge towards the $0.245 resistance.

BAT price analysis

BAT chart by Trading View

At the moment of writing this article BAT is being traded at $0.239 per coin and is looking quite healthy with breaking the crucial $0.245 resistance.

Should that crucial resistance be broken, there are new ones further up at $0.267 and $0.310 respectively.

However, as already mentioned most of the surge can be accounted to the Brave browser update, which is sure to fade in at least a couple of days. The only thing BAT needs to make sure of is breaking that crucial resistance.

But seeing how most altcoins and BTC are on their way down to yet another bear trap, BAT bullish support may not hold above $0.245, which forces us to remain bearish for this BAT price analysis.