Arms dealer in Russia wants to use Bitcoin to avoid US sanctions

Russian arms dealer bitcoin payments

An arms producer in the Russian Federation, named Soyuzmash (meaning Union Machine) has requested the central bank to allow the company to process Bitcoin payments from both abroad and local customers to bypass imposed sanctions by the United States.

There are other international restrictions on Russian companies to deal in such industries, but Bitcoin would be an optimal solution as it’s not recognized as “money” in any of the sanction-imposing countries including the United States.

Considering the fact that Soyuzmash has the backing of the Russian State Duma, which takes on any opportunity to defy the sanctions, it’s clear that the Central bank will provide the “license” to accept and make Bitcoin payments.

The usage of cryptocurrencies by US-sanctioned countries has been becoming a trend now, both Cuba and Venezuela have tried their luck with it but to no avail, as the US doubled down.

It’s quite possible to have US authorities challenge this initiative from Russia but be criticized by the crypto community for recognizing cryptos as money only when it suits them.

This could be an ideal opportunity for Russia to take a jab at the United State’s political power, by cornering it in a situation which has no positive outcome for the land of the free.