Alleged Bitcoin scammer sentenced to prison after making it rain in Hong Kong

Hong Kong make it rain

After what seems to be a publicity stunt, a man named Wong Ching-kit aka the “Bitcoin Playboy” was sentenced to ten days of imprisonment in a Hong Kong jail.

The stunt involved Wong “making it rain” from one of Hong Kong’s many high-story buildings. The amount of money is not known yet, but many eyewitnesses say that it numbered in the hundreds of millions of HKD (1 USD = 7.8 HKD).

Wong was later arrested and sentenced to ten days in a local jail alongside a two year suspended sentence.

Wong is allegedly a scammer

The “Bitcoin Playboy” has been quite active in the crypto community, many knowing him as a person always seeking attention and trying to earn a quick buck through selling personal consultations alongside some hardware in the past.

In fact, the crypto mining hardware that he sold in the past mined a completely worthless cryptocurrency, leading the buyers to believe that they were simply defrauded. This landed Wong a couple of complaints in the local police department.

A ten-day sentence for throwing money in the air could seem absurd, but the judge managed to phrase it quite professionally, saying that it could have caused massive chaos as more than 300 people were present on the street at the time.

Knowing a normal person’s reaction during a “money rain” the judge may have had a good point.