36% of U.S. Investors Interested in Bitcoin [BTC]: Grayscale Survey

Grayscale Investments, LLC is a regulated firm for cryptocurrency asset management and investment. It offers multiple single assets and various asset products based on cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, Bitcoin-backed GBTC is the most selling financial asset. Grayscale is known for its #dropgold campaign to favor digital currencies.

The LLC recently conducted a survey, including investors in the US. The Survey titled – Bitcoin: 2019 Investor Study revealed that “36% of U.S. investors would consider an investment in $BTC, representing a potential market of over 21mm investors in the general population.”

Grayscale surveyed with over 1,100 U.S. investors from across various traditional platforms. The group also estimated the average age of a Bitcoin investor. The study revealed that an average Bitcoin investor is not entirely different from a regular investor.

Usually, Bitcoin is perceived as something in which only young people bet. However, the study also revealed that the average age of a Bitcoin investor is only three years younger than the average investor; 42 versus 45.

Furthermore, it also shunned that rhetoric that men are more interested in it. According to the survey results, the interest is almost equally shared between men and women.

Bitcoin: 2019 Investor Survey – Gender Parity (Source)

About 70% of interested Bitcoin investors are also parents. The risk-reward ratio of Bitcoin also reveals that adding just 5% of it in an investment portfolio has the potential to yield huge rewards at a slight risk.

btc investor
Average Bitcoin Investor Characteristic (Source)

Last but not least, the survey also revealed that Bitcoin and gold investors don’t need to be of opposing views. On the contrary, due to the similarity in their market value, Bitcoin investors are more likely to view gold as a lucrative investment property. It also provides diversification of the portfolio.

Do you think that the rising trend would in Bitcoin finally increase adoption? Please share your views with us. 

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