US police cracks down on cryptocurrency drug dealers


US drug crypto arrests

The United States police have conducted several arrests recently when they lured a known drug manufacturer and dealer to a crypto exchange deal worth $200,000.

According to the reports, the police made the suspect transfer Bitcoin and then approach them offline in order to collect the cash, during which he was arrested.

The first individual to be arrested, Binh Tanh Le was working with two contemporaries, Steven McCall and Allante Pires.

It is not known whether Le was working together with the police, but soon after his arrest, the drug manufacturing facility that the trio was renting was searched with a warrant.

According to the police report, the trio was operating a darknet website called EastSideHigh, selling illegal drugs such as MDMA, Xanax and Ketamine.

During the search, the police managed to find McCall fully suited up to start manufacturing the drugs. The search also concluded at least 20 kilograms of MDMA, seven kilograms of Ketamine and at least 10,000 Xanax pills, alongside almost $100,000 in cash.

All three of the men were indicted in a federal court and are being prepared to be incarcerated for an unknown number of years, but judging from the number of drugs found in their facility, they could be going o jail for the rest of their lives.

This incident is a terrible display of how cryptocurrencies can be used, which is yet another argument from the crypto hecklers. It’s unknown how harshly the authorities will react to cryptos after a debacle like this.