Unites States’ SEC charges Kik, Apple announces CryptoKit for iOS 13 and more

Crypto News – 05 June

India’s RBI on possible crypto-ban: Weeks after rumours of a crypto-ban in the country surfaced, the country’s central bank responded to a Right to Information request and stated that they did not know of any such government plan

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Diar report on Tether: Tether [USDT] recorded higher on-chain trading volume in China over its U.S counterparts

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CNBC debate on fiat currency and Bitcoin: A recent debate on CNBC made ways after panelists discussed the pros and cons of medieval and modern currencies, including gold and Bitcoin

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Kik Interactive’s response to SEC: Eileen Lyon, Kik’s General Counsel, responded to the allegations and stated that they were based on a flawed legal theory and that the SEC used the Howey test beyond its definition

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Charlie Lee on Litecoin: Creator Charlie Lee made news after he claimed that he created LTC for fun; wanted to mimic gold, silver relationship

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Roger Ver on Lightning Network: BCH’s Roger Ver claimed that LN uses custodial ‘non-wallets’

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Saifedean Ammous on Bitcoin: Author Saifedean Ammous made headlines after he claimed that Bitcoin [BTC] is growing, but is not entirely free of ‘government interference’

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