Ukranian police investigating crypto mining plot in State Judicial Administration


Monero hack

The Ukranian State Judicial Administration has been hit by malware designed to hijack the facility’s computing power from multiple devices stationed in its data centres and offices.

According to the Ukranian security officers the attack began as far back as January of 2019 and that the hackers have not been identified quite yet.

The malware used was MinerGate, which was designed to conduct hack attacks on the internal servers without having to upload any files onto a single device connected to the network.

The malware was designed to retrieve the Monero coin. The programme looks to be professionally designed as none of the IT staff of the SJA managed to notice it before an official server check was made not too long ago.

The server check itself was prompted by disappearing data from the server, in particular, three week’s worth of news was one day removed completely from the web portal.

According to researchers, the mining operations were underway for more than six months before discovery. Experts are now at work to discover the in-built wallets being used by the hackers in order to trace them accordingly.

Due to Ukranian law, the hackers would simply have to pay a fine or surrender their equipment if they were conducting legal mining operations. But an un-authorized entrance on state servers is sure to constitute at least a few years in prison and the confiscation of all assets mined.