Tezos’ co-founder Arthur Breitman says side-chains are tricky and difficult


In the event of Tezos’ first-ever on-chain upgrade, Arthur Breitman, the Co-Founder of Tezos, spoke with the popular crypto influencer Naomi Brockwell about the upgrades made on-chain versus implementation of the same on a second layer. Breitman said that the latter was “not stringent enough” and could be easily corrupted.

He went on to state that side-chains were tricky and added that layer 2 was difficult. According to the Co-Founder, deploying an on-chain upgrade implied “protecting the values in the system”.

In the case of Bitcoin, Breitman cited that if a system was open to changes, it became highly susceptible to the infusion of “bad stuff” by fraudulent actors in the network. Taking into account the upgrade protocols surrounding Bitcoin, the Co-Founder asserted that the protocols were bound with “strong cultural norms”. He added that the changes [if any] were very minimal and “uncontroversial” for the largest digital currency. Brockwell also added that any larger or significant network upgrade in Bitcoin would “necessitate a hard fork”.

In terms of protecting the network against corruption by malicious entities, Breitman believed that upgrades leading to Bitcoin hard fork had fairly “worked” for the digital coin. However, admitting the potential issue in the system, he stated,

“The problem is that then you also give up on the ability of having more meaningful changes.”

Taking a jibe at Bitcoin enthusiasts, Breitman said that those who considered smart contracts “useless” had “sour grapes”. The creator also reflected on Tezos’ network and its first self-amendment and stated that the system evaded “external interference” and accommodated innovation simultaneously.

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