Teenage bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman hypes WHEN Token as the most underatted crypto


Erik Finman

Erik Finman, the youngster bitcoin millionaire recently declared that crypto adopters are going to get insanely wealthy in the next ten years. Erik Finman who became a Bitcoin millionaire before the age of 18 furthermore suggested that these fortunes are more likely to come from investing in the WHEN token.

He holds the opinion that the WHEN token is the next goldmine in crypto.

For those who are not really familiar with the WHEN token, it is a crypto whose brain child is WhenHub, an organization founded by Scott Adams. Scott Adams is also the creator of Dilbert, the popular website for strips, mashups and funny animations.

People use WhenHub to reward and encourage content creators and also grow an ecosystem of experts and learners who pay each other through WHEN tokens instead of actual cash.

Why Erik Finman likes WhenHub

Erik Finman is an avid fan of WhenHub and had on Friday declared the WHEN token to be among the most underrated crypto currencies around. The token according to him, is a ‘slept on’ token yet it has most of the ingredients needed for immense success.

He has great admiration for the creator (Scott Adams) and considers him to be a super-rich genius who developed a token that is used within an app that links experts and learners.

At the moment, WhenHub has a growing community of users, and has other apps within the app such as When Interface. The When Interface is the app which lets anyone sign up and choose a topic that they really want to learn more about.

The app will find an expert to teach new users and at the end of it all, the WHEN token is used as payment. He rates WHEN token as having the potential to be the next big thing, joining the leagues of Bitcoin and Zcash.

YouTube has been running a crackdown to weed out controversial videos and accounts which create them. This may be a well-intended move but it is not happening without its share of side effects.

The case in point is that as much as most of the banned content may seem extremist in nature, it still lowers people’s freedom to promote their fringe views.

WhenHub can be a magnet for legitimate content creators who are tired of censorship

As big content companies seem to censor some legitimate though extremist content, people may soon want alternatives that allow them to continue publishing content without feeling punished.

For example, the MIT Technology Review had recently acknowledged that there had been instances of channels dedicated to history events vanishing from the internet. WhenHub is well-placed to take advantage of the YouTube crackdowns as offering a practical replacement.

Whichever way it plays out, as content giants keep on censoring controversial speech, the WhenHub project is likely to pull in more users.

Furthermore, with the Bitcoin billionaire Finman’s endorsement, the site is likely to get more popular as the more prominent voices voluntarily leave or get booted out of content sites similar to Youtube. The WHEN token gained 13.81% on Friday, trading around $0.038734.