System vulnerability exploited in $4.7 million Bitrue heist

The Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue recently experienced a security breach and consequently losing around five million dollars of digital currency in Cardano (ADA) and XRP.

Bitrue revealed that the hackers were able to exploit a weakness in an internal monitoring process; they then gathered the data from there, and almost ninety user accounts of the exchange were breached. These hackers then transferred a little more than nine million (9.3million) XRP and a little more than two million (2.5million) ADA to various exchanges. At that point, stolen ADA was trading at the rate of $0.095 and XRP at $0.488.Thus, taking the monetary worth of ADA at $237,500 and XRP stolen at $4.5 million.

The tracking details of the looted money were released by the exchange. Bitrue gave credit to these exchanges: ChangeNOW, Bittrex, and Huobi for timely freezing all the capital and the accounts that were linked with the hack. Furthermore, Bitrue ceased all the transactions on its platform, which is no surprise. When breaches of this intensity occur, this likely happens. The exchange notified its users that their funds are insured and those who got attacked by the breach will be compensated by the firm.

On Bitrue’s official Twitter handle, it was stated that currently, the company is carrying out an inspection of the exchange and it will be operating again soon while the withdrawals will remain offline for a little bit longer as the investigation is being carried out.