Sentiment on a peak; Bitcoin trending higher than Kim Kardashian

The term ‘Bitcoins’ popularity trended closely with “Kim Kardashian” throughout 2018 but has gained ground in 2019 as the search ratio of Bitcoin, and Kim Kardashian is 3:1. In recent research conducted by YouGov, the term Bitcoin was found to be more popular than the 2018 U.S elections.

Surprisingly, Google searches about Bitcoin far outnumbered those about the “Royal wedding” or the election results.

Comparing Bitcoin’s Google trends with Kim Kardashian, the celebrity who broke the internet, is an efficient way of measuring Bitcoin’s popularity.

More than fifty-five (55%) percent of Americans claim to have heard about Bitcoin when given options between various cryptocurrencies. However, only thirty-seven (37%) know about Bitcoin when asked about it directly without giving any options.

The people holding Bitcoin were concentrated mainly in California, Delaware, and Nevada. Moreover, seventy percent (70%) of the U.S have a favourable set of laws towards cryptocurrencies with 15% of polled people stated that they intend to buy Cryptocurrencies this year.

However, Bitcoin’s sudden popularity might not be a good thing as the price movement was rising too fast and may soon fall. Bitwise CEO, Hunter Horsely, believes so and warned the globe beforehand as the crypto market soon lost eighty-three ($83,000,00) billion dollars under 24-hours.

However, it is to be noted that the survey was conducted online, and only two thousand (2000) people above the age of 18 were polled. Therefore, the survey may not paint an accurate picture of the interests of people in cryptocurrencies and may change upon further investigation.

Google searches may be more reliable than token prices as the prices can be pumped, but google searches are much more hard to manipulate.