Justin Sun will meet Warren Buffet due to $4.5 million bid

Warren Buffet Justin Sun

The young CEO of the Tron blockchain, Justin Sun surprised everybody with his announcement yesterday about a business lunch with the multi-billionaire investor, Warren Buffet.

Sun got his chance for the meeting through a charity bid for GLIDE, where he deposited more than $4.5 million. According to Sun, he will take this opportunity to pitch the world of blockchain to the billionaire and hopefully bring him over to the industry.

Naturally, there have been several comments on such a decision, saying that Buffet is going to refuse such a pitch as he is a known critic of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, having said that it doesn’t really do anything, therefore it isn’t worth the investment.

Despite such comments from the man he is about to meet, Sun is determined to convince the billionaire to consider large investments in the crypto market, which is guaranteed to drive the price of TRX to unimaginable heights and bring along the whole market with it. For the first time, TRON will have the opportunity to be the market make of cryptocurrencies.

Sun has also said that he intends to take several popular faces along for the meeting, people such as Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance and Hester Pierce, also known as the Crypto Mom from SEC will most likely accompany him.

Resistance from the community

Although most people commended Sun for his initiative to increase the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, he has also received no small amount of criticism from analysts such as Ceterir Paribus, who said that Buffer does not need Bitcoin and neither does Bitcoin need Buffet.

There is some essence of truth in this statement, as Buffet didn’t become a billionaire by investing due to pitches, he’s made his fortune through educated decisions about a company’s future performance, and due to his already aversive preposition for cryptocurrencies, it is unlikely that Sun’s plea will convince him otherwise.