Google tags Bitcoin Core software as ‘malware;’ developer fires back at Internet giant

Google, the Internet media giant, has come under a lot of flak from the crypto-community after its June 3 Google Core Update prompted the brief shutdown of a prominent crypto-news outlet. The Core Update saw the revenues and traffic of several crypto-news websites fall significantly.

The latest criticism however, stems from prominent Bitcoin core developer, Luke Dashjr. In a recent tweet, the developer alleged that Google notified him of blocking access to Bitcoin Knots, a Bitcoin Core [BTC] software after it identified it as a potential “malware”. His tweet read,

The supposed website block displays a malware, warning site visitors using browsers such as Google Chrome. According to Luke Dashjr, Google Chrome competitor Mozilla Firefox also supports the same by using the “malware blocking service.”

Dashjr claimed to have received an automated email from Google that notified him that the software had been identified as a malware. According to the developer, @VirusTotal, a Twitter handle that checks up on malware and URLs, as well as CRDF Labs and Kaspersky, have also “falsely claimed” that Bitcoin Knots is a malware. However, Dashjr clarified that he was not certain if both the cases were related.

Later, on the same thread, the developer added that he had reported “false positives” for both, in order to confirm the removal of the same, stating,

“I guess in a day or so I’ll push the button to trigger Google’s automatic re-scan and hope for the best…”

Responding to the thread, a Twitter user, Zachary Owens, commented that both Facebook and Google,

“…have terrible ‘cryptocurrency’ & zero tolerance policies.”

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