Google responds to CCN closure and cryptocurrency websites facing low web traffic

Google and their CORE update made a huge impact on the cryptocurrency community, with several websites recording low views and one major player even closing its doors following the update.

CCN or CryptoCoinsNews, announced on June 10 that it would shutdown owing to the June 3 Google Core update which saw the website’s traffic on mobile plummet by over 71 percent overnight. Citing data from Sistrix, an SEO analyzer, the visibility of the website dropped from 1.2 to 0.6 overnight.

Despite pestering the technological behemoth for a reply, CCN received none. However, a representative from Google did converse with Benjamin Pirus of Forbes.

On asked about the change in Google’s algorithm and the effect of the same, the representative stated that the update was implemented to “keep up with the fast-paced internet environment,” and that the search engine aims to provide “relevant results to those searching the web.”

The representative told Forbes,

“With any update, some sites might not perform as well as in the past, while other sites might perform better.”

Pirus added that the representative pointed to a seven month-old explanation from Google which stated that updates often result in “drops or gains,” and that the update will “benefit” those websites which were “under-rewarded.” The representative also shared information regarding webmaster page guidelines and community forums.

Google may not be directly responding to CCN at the moment, but the latter exclusively lays blame on the search engine for their closure. Jonas Borchgrevink, Founder of CCN, stated that with the drop in web traffic, their ad revenue dropped by over “90 percent.”

Borchgrevink said,

“This happened just after June 3rd and has been consistent after. None of our recent articles drew any significant traffic from Google this past week. We have never experienced that before.”

The Founder added that his team will migrate to, and that other websites should also be “concerned,” about the CORE update affecting their traffic and revenue.

Other crypto-news media sites which are less dependent on ad revenue and more on certain subscription-based plans have not faced any significant drops, following the update. Mike Dudas from The Block attested to the same, stating that the update does ‘trouble’ him but by-and-large, they are not panicking. Coindesk called the update ‘insignificant.’

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