Gartner forecasts 90% replacement of all blockchain platforms within years

Gartner, Inc. a global research and advisory firm in its latest report stated that in order to stay competitive, protected and avoid being outdated; almost ninety percent of blockchain platforms will need replacement in executions within a period of eighteen months by the year 2021.

The report also stated that by the year 2025, approximately two hundred million dollars ($200million) will be the value added by the blockchains into the regular enterprises. This will be the real money flowing over blockchain platforms apart from the speculative market for the digital currencies.

Adrian Lee of the Gartner, Inc. is of the opinion that there will be several blockchains that will survive. Industries have not succeeded in answering the emerging echoes of the technology with an integrated demand of the product that is ought to come. Resultantly, various products will continue to exist, usually with the features that are overlapping. Greater demand for innovative blockchain solution would consequently lead to a bigger range of products.

Contemporary enterprise and finance are becoming more interested in blockchain, as technology tends to offer several benefits when rightly employed. Though there are people who believe that money transaction is the only use of it, others are certain of the possibilities of it being more than a simple ledger.