Every major tech company may issue a crypto-dividend in the future, claims former Coinbase CTO

As non-financial companies indulge in crypto-related activities, both traditional and modern investors have identified the incoming change in business dynamics. As a result of token offerings, businesses will have the power to dictate investment strategies, while ensuring greater circulation of capital within the business. In order to provide some clarity into the future of investments, former CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, took to Twitter to share his take on the matter.

On a surprising note, the prominent crypto-leader tweeted,

“Over the long term, every major tech company may decide to issue a crypto dividend. Peel off $30B of their stock, tokenize it, and distribute over ~300M Americans, or at least every American active user. So that’s at least $100 per person, $500 if all five of GAFAM do it.”

Srinivasan’s thoughts have previously been mirrored by other players, who have hinted at crypto’s enormous role in funding businesses. Although Srinivasan spoke about the involvement of GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft), goliaths such as Nike, Jaguar and other financial players have also joined the crypto-race for making the most of the coming disruption.

Further, Srinivasan explained that the process could work similar to Alaska Permanent Fund workflow. He added,

“More interestingly, you might also put some aspects of network governance into these tokens such that the public could vote on who has an account and under what circumstances. Perhaps quadratic voting?”

Most crypto-enthusiasts responded positively to this new outlook. In doing so, one of Srinivasan’s Twitter followers commented,

“This makes the most sense out of everything I’ve heard about crypto. It makes every citizen an asset holder and the incentive for GAFAM is the public’s suport. Bread and circuses (E3 and crypto) may usher in the era of the technocrats yet.”

While the decade-old industry built on trust has struggled for acceptance, 2019 seems to mark a new awakening for the entire ecosystem.

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