Estonia-based start-up delivers over 4000 crypto debit cards in a week


Just two weeks into its launch, start-up Crypterium has delivered over 4,000 cryptocurrency debit cards. Based in Estonia, Crypterium is headed by a former executive of credit card behemoth Visa.

It had forayed into the digital currency space recently, initiating its own ‘Crypterium Card’ on the 12th of June. The card links customers with a host of major digital currencies ranging from Bitcoin to Ether and Litecoin. And apart from these, Crypterium’s very own coin, ‘CRPT token’ is also linked with the card.

The company recently put out a formal statement where it detailed the design of the new card. According to the firm, the new card functions along the same lines as any established prepaid currency card.

It helps to facilitate web-based crypto transactions on a wealth of popular platforms ranging from Amazon to Netflix, while also allowing its users to cover medical fees, tuition fees and other day-to-day financial transactions.

Within the first week of its launch, Crypterium had sent out a massive 3,736 cards to over seventy countries around the world. The card’s popularity fed off the electric market condition in the crypto world, with Bitcoin surging past the eleven thousand dollars ($11000) mark recently.

Delving into the intricacies of the card’s purchasing statistics, a vast majority of its orders have been from America, followed closely by the Asia region and Australia.

According to Steven Parker, a former executive with Visa, these blazing statistics showcase the worldwide demand for a debit card that operates in the digital currency sphere as well.