Disgruntled Chainalysis employee spills confidential company info in revealing Reddit session

According to the latest report, an employee of a blockchain analysis platform Chainalysis conducted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit and revealed confidential information about the company. Then after twelve hours, the ‘gone rogue’ employee removed all the comments that were made under the username of ‘chaninalysis1’.Nevertheless, those comments are still present on Removeddit.com and are a window to the company’s inner workings.

Chainalysis is a blockchain company that works alongside the government, defense contractors, law enforcement and many intelligence agencies including HSI, CIA IRS, and FBI. The company has always been very secretive about its working until now. This incident of an anonymous company employee revealing secrets of the company without their consent is going to be a major event in the company’s history. The probing questions that were asked by the anonymous Chainalysis1 were about the company’s forensic capabilities, company’s take on mixers, and so on.

Firstly; upon a question regarding forensic abilities, the whistleblower stated that these forensic tools are not as powerful as they are portrayed and any obfuscation measure however simple it may be, can have the capability to thwart them. The anonymous company employee conceded for forensic firms Bitcoin mixers are not sound.

Secondly, when the chainaylsis1 was asked about Chainalysis’ take on the Bitcoin mixing tools such as Wasabi, Samourai Whirlpool, and Coinjoin. The anonymous employee responded that although the company management hates it to the core, chainalysis1 personally likes it a lot. Moreover, such stuff tends to destroy the need for their software, making it entirely irrelevant.

Thirdly; chainalysis1 stated that Wasabi was the adversarial tool that is the most hated by Chainalysis. Wasabi, a privacy-oriented Bitcoin wallet that uses Coinjoin. Moreover, the anonymous employ was skeptic about how the government can ever bring Wasabi legally down as there is no possible way to ‘de-anonymize’ it. So, if everybody started using Wasabi, there will be no business left for Chainalysis.