Crypto conference in Amsterdam brainstorms Bitcoin security issues


Amsterdam Bitcoin conference

Despite the ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin, more and more issues are found in the blockchain’s capabilities of preventing security breaches, hacks, and various other malicious attacks. 

It is the crypto community’s duty to make sure our beloved coin becomes a staple of modern technology and finance, but in order to do so, massive pools of talent need to be combined.

This was exactly what happened in Amsterdam last weekend, as dozens of crypto enthusiasts gathered at the “Breaking Bitcoin 2019” conference and discussed all of the most relevant and pressing issues in the security of the blockchain.

The discussion went deep into technology rather than common investor language, therefore decrypting the messages would be quite hard for most crypto investors to understand. What we can say is that the panels mostly focused on attacks on decentralized mining pools and the vulnerabilities that Bitcoin is facing in modern times.

Some of the points made on the conference were in reference to using Bitcoin for commercial purposes and security at the moment of the sale. But, unfortunately, it is not the most pressing matter as research shows us only 1% of all transactions are for commercial purposes.

The conference attendees are not the only ones engaging a meaningful debate about the security of the future of our financial systems, as the FATF has also started issuing guidelines on how security can be maximized on the blockchain.

Regardless of how the events transpire in the future, there will always be market experts willing to improve upon the fixes and tweaks made by people before them.