Craig Wright’s ‘genius plan’ involves teaming up with a billionaire to ‘fight everyone,’ says Peter McCormack


While Craig Wright’s claims of being Bitcoin’s [BTC] pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, have been openly dismissed by much of the crypto-community, his attempts to prove the same have reached unfathomable heights in 2019. From registering the original Bitcoin whitepaper in his name to suing disbelievers for defamation, Wright has ruffled several feathers this year.

Prominent crypto-podcaster Peter McCormack is one of those who have been so sued by Wright. McCormack recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the “pretender.” McCormack’s tweet listed a series of 12 steps that attempted to explain Wright’s ‘plan’ or version of Bitcoin creation. He tweeted,

“Genius plan:
1. Invent Bitcoin
2. Create blind trust to hold coins for 11 years (after block 70, Bitcoin day 1)
3. Use a magical algorithm to hide addresses
4. Use new magic to bypass trust for blocks 1 and 9
5. Use dark forces to guard the blind trust
6. Hideout for a few years
7. While hiding invent other useless shit
8. Trade a little on Mt. Gox
9. Come out of hiding
10. Make friends with a billionaire
11. Fight everyone
12. Lose everything
Well played.”

In addition to highlighting Wright’s roadmap from inventing Bitcoin to losing everything, the tweet spoke about the controversial figure’s recent claim of creating a blind trust to hold the BTCs that he allegedly mined till block 70. Shockingly, Wright was again unable to prove this vital claim due to his inability to show his mining rigs or the private keys for the initial transactions.

While harsh, the call-out doesn’t come as a surprise since the two sides are currently embroiled in a legal battle. The tweet suggests that Wright is currently in the “Fight everyone” phase. However, numerous crypto-enthusiasts believe that the subsequent attention has helped BSV go on its its recent bull run.

Further, it is important to note that BSV, despite getting delisted from top crypto exchanges and receiving massive hatred, has managed to outperform most prominent altcoins in terms of market capitalization and trading value recovery over the past month. One of McCormack’s supporters showed his support by tweeting,

“Go back to old bitcointalk forums and read Satoshi’s posts and then listen to CSW today. Clearly NOT the same person.”

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