Coinbase reports issues with card purchases & processing, days after its debit card debut in Europe


Digital currency exchange Coinbase recently announced its Visa debit card services for several countries in Europe, enabling many of its European users to spend cryptos like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], and Litecoin [LTC] at any merchant shop accepting Visa. This announcement from Coinbase came at a time when most tech companies and crypto-enthusiasts were devising ways to use crypto in the mainstream to spur crypto-adoption.

However, within days of the launch, there were certain bugs reported in the use of these cards. Coinbase Support managed to inform the community about the problem, after many users reported facing issues while processing their debit/credit cards. In an incident report filed by Coinbase, the exchange stated that it was identifying the issue and working on a fix. The report read,

“A fix has deployed. Card purchases will remain disabled for a few more minutes to let the pending payments finish processing.”

Even though the problem was solved within an hour and payments re-enabled, the exchange said that it would monitor its status for a bit longer. This incident impacted payments via credit and debit cards. However, over two weeks back, several users had reported facing a similar problem.

The Coinbase report read,

“We are currently having issues with accepting payments on Android for 3ds enabled debit cards. As a temporary workaround affected Android users can make card payments using our website.”

Coinbase had then resolved the issue, but asked users to deploy version 6.0.2 or later, if there were still any issues with the app. Although technical difficulties are common in the tech business, user experience matters the most. Many users subsequently took to Twitter to applaud Coinbase’s efforts, despite the fact that some continued to diss the exchange.

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