Brock Pierce attributes Puerto Rico’s ‘unrestricted business regulations’ to his crypto-success


Brock Pierce remains one of the few entrepreneurs to have etched their name across various disconnected industries, including acting, gaming, and cryptocurrency. Pierce recently featured in an interview and shared his view towards approaching and surviving the crypto ecosystem.

The American actor gained prominence in the crypto-community after being listed on Forbes as one of the “Top 20 wealthiest people in crypto” in 2019, with an estimated net worth between $700 million and $1.1 billion. Pierce revealed that his interest in cryptocurrencies was initially conceptualized while playing video games in the late 90s, when he “first discovered digital assets (such as digital swords, shields, horses, houses, and cards)”.

He recollected his earliest involvement in cryptocurrency, stating that he “built a supply chain of 400,000 people in China in the early 2000s that were playing video games professionally to mine digital currencies”. Following Pierce’s involvement with Bitcoin, he added that he was following the crypto-industry very closely, until he was sure of its inevitable rise as the future of currency.

When asked about the possible ‘burst of the Bitcoin bubble,’ Pierce argued that crypto will follow the same trajectory of the Internet. He said,

“We haven’t even seen the beginning of the first big bubble. We’ve only seen the precursors, kind of like the early bubbles in the Internet.”

While speaking about his future plans in the crypto-space, Pierce highlighted the importance of setting up a business base in Puerto Rico. In addition to attributing his success to Puerto Rico’s unrestricted business regulations, he stressed that the ongoing innovation over there was forcing business leaders to shift from San Francisco and New York.

It seems like the crypto-ecosystem is finding its home in the most unstable and unregulated of demographics. As crypto gets more mainstream acceptance, the technology threatens to challenge the status quo presented by existing governments.

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