Bitcoin price is headed towards $10k Oracle of Bitcoin reveal


Bitcoin has managed to maintain its good performance in the market despite the bearish wave. The analysis shows that its value has doubled since the last two months. Now, the crypto-market is bullish and all the coins are showing positive momentum in prices.

The surge in the bitcoin price is about one hundred and twenty-nine percent (129%) and BNB has been up by four hundred and thirty-two percent (432%).The analysts are speculating more increase in the near future.

Vinny Lingham (Oracle of Bitcoin) said that he is speculating some massive surge in the price of Bitcoin between ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to twelve thousand dollars ($12,000). But, there are constant fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin as it recently fell to eight thousand dollars ($8,000) and now it is striving to recover from this depreciation.

Lingham believed that this depreciation is temporary and the target of ten thousand dollars and even more than that will be achieved in the near future. Lingham pointed out the crucial point to be nine thousand dollars ($9,000) and how the coin behave at that point will set the precedent for future predictions.

The resilience of Bitcoin to bear the bearish trends of the market is impressive therefore, any positive predictions about bitcoin can be true. Currently, the growth patterns are good but there is no exponential increase so far in the price. But, due to its stability and constant growth, Lingham is hopeful that soon it will gain aggressive momentum and there will be a great surge in the price of Bitcoin.