Bitcoin is here to stay as cryptocurrency community continues to contribute to its ecosystem

Bitcoin could very well be considered as the most successful startup in the history of startups. It has not only created a massive ecosystem around itself, but has also given rise to a myriad number of other projects influenced by Bitcoin. It has also got banks worried about their position for the first time in a very long time and pushed them to research and improve existing methods.

The 2018 bear market was not only a valuable lesson, but also brought the community together to build while it waited for prices to surge. There are significant changes that have occurred over the course of the bear market and throughout 2019. Cryptocurrencies have become a major part of the financial sector and there are several institutions and individuals who are now working closely to segregate and analyze data.

A Twitter user, Nathaniel Whittemore, tweeted an aggregation of all the recent developments in Bitcoin, as well as the developments that have been happening since the dawn of the bear market.

Diar Research recently reported that CME Futures for Bitcoin had hit a record volume for two consecutive months. This further implies that institutional money is interested in Bitcoin and are buying it up.

Source: Diar

Further, the number of addresses that hold BTC within the range of 1 – 10k Bitcoins have increased by a massive 26%, according to a recent Diar report. What may be surprising however, is the fact that the increase in these addresses took place during the bear market of 2018.

Source: Diar

CoinMetrics’ recent report also uncovered that Bitcoin’s supply by address size showed a steady march upwards of the supply, held in addresses with 1 to 10 BTC and 0.1 to 1 BTC, suggesting the continued dispersion of BTC.

Source: CoinMetrics

BitMEX research also studied Bitcoin stored by P2SH addresses, with the chart showing strong growth of multi-signature technology, further signalling the readiness of users towards the implementation of Schnorr Signatures and other multi-sig technologies.

The user, Nathaniel Whittemore, had tweeted,

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