Bitcoin [BTC], cryptos mined on open blockchains are illegitimate tools, claims Russia’s State Duma official

Bitcoin has traditionally been mined over open blockchains around the globe. However, according to a recent report, mining over open blockchains will lead to heavy fines being imposed on Russian miners.

Previously, Russian Federation intended to open four locations to test advancements that did not fall under the domain of its present enactment. As per the bill sanctioned by the Economy ministry, administrative sandboxes were permitted to station bases in these particular areas.

This implied that organizations and firms were officially permitted to explore different avenues regarding digital currencies. These were granted permission to function, without really violating any government law.

However, following the announcement by Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman, State Duma Committee on Financial Market, crypto-fans in Russia are shocked. He said,

“I note that actions with cryptocurrency, unconditional due to Russian legislation, will be considered illegitimate. This means that mining, organizing production, circulation, creating exchange points for these tools will be prohibited. For this, administrative liability will be in the form of a fine. We believe that cryptocurrencies created on open blockchains – bitcoins, ethers, etc., are illegitimate tools.”

The Chairman stressed that Russians can still own the Bitcoins, even after the official ban over mining. If the Bitcoins were acquired under the Foreign law provision, it will not be considered an offense, he said.

Around the cryptoverse, the main issue revolved around the speed of transactions that were carried out over the blockchains. Aksakov, in reference to the rate of transactions, shared,

“A critical mass of actions and operations are now accumulating, which will allow Bitcoin to become popular again.”

The draft law was officially put forth before the Duma during the Spring session and will be passed in June, before it ends. After the law is passed, activities including cryptos that are not secured by Russian laws would be viewed as ill-conceived. This implies that mining of digital currencies would be prohibited and not adhering to the rules will result in heavy fines being imposed.

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