A Whole New Dimension Of Crypto As Bitcoin Hits Above US$10K


Get ready for a whole new dimension of crypto as bitcoin hits above the US$10K mark. Below comments from Fred Schebesta Co-founder of cryptocurrency broker HiveEx.com and one of the world’s biggest personal finance comparison sites Finder.com:

dimension of crypto
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Bitcoin, now at AU$15,029 (US$10,456), hasn’t hit above US$10K for 15 months, since March 6, 2018, (although it came close hitting above US$9K in April 2018).


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“Twenty-four-hour volume is among the highest we’ve ever seen – it’s at December 2017 levels when bitcoin reached almost US$20K, which means there’s double the amount of activity right now.

“$100K is the new $10K. It’s game on. Get ready for a whole new dimension of crypto.”

“We’re above US$10K because all the mainstream corporations of the world are jumping in and when this happens it lifts the the value of bitcoin as it holds about 60% of the marketshare. Facebook just announced Libra coin. Visa and MasterCard are coming. It’s going mainstream. If everyone thought the last time was big, when bitcoin reached almost US$20,000 in December 2017, that was just like the first iPhone. This might be the last time we see US$10,000. Bitcoin is going to be as big as the internet itself.”

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HiveEx.com is a global OTC cryptocurrency trading desk, which buys and sells large volumes of cryptocurrency, at a fixed price. HiveEx.com is a trading name of Hive Empire Trading Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Hive Empire Ventures Pty Ltd. Hive Empire Ventures is a related party of Hive Empire Pty Ltd, which owns and operates finder.com and finder.com.au.

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