A fifth of crypto trading participants attacked by cyber criminals: Kaspersky


A survey by Kaspersky revealed that 19 percent of people have been targetted by cyber criminals while using crypto trading platforms. The survey also exposed that 15 percent of people have been subjected to crypto-related scams and frauds.

Having assessed the results of the survey, the cyber-security firm drew out the conclusion that only a small margin of people actually understand how the elusive new technology works – and can adequately protect themselves from the risks posed by it. The figure, according to the company, sits at a bleak 29 percent. This is despite the mounting public interest and national intrigue surrounding cryptocurrencies,

Kaspersky makes the dreary prediction that a booming interest in cryptocurrency, paired with a lack of comprehension about the intricacies of the technology, provides a ripe ground for manipulation and exploitation by cybercriminals.

The survey revealed that a third (31%) of the general public views cryptocurrencies are an unstable financial force, and another third (35%) viewed it as something that is insignificant to their lives.

Crime in the digital currency arena has blighted the recent boom in the digital currency industry. The survey revealed that more numbers of people feel unsafe around the usage of cryptocurrencies with the growing risk of crime associated with it.

Crypto Craze Remains Strong 

In spite of persisting issues that threaten to overshadow the industry, public interest and corporate demand for cryptocurrencies continues to thrive. Close to fourteen percent of the survey’s participants revealed that they plan to invest in cryptocurrencies.

With Bitcoin surpassing the ten thousand dollars (10,000$) mark, and with Facebook’s new Libra initiative gripping the world’s attention, the industry seems to be in no mood to slow down despite the more uncertain elements attached to it.